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Wuxi Power Transformer Co., Ltd. is located in Luoshe Town, Huishan District, Wuxi City. It is close to Beijing Shanghai high speed railway, Shanghai Nanjing high speed railway, Shanghai Nanjing Expressway, national highway 312 and Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal. It is adjacent to Wuxi International Airport, Zhangjiagang port, Jiangyin port in the East and Taihu Lake in the south. The geographical location is very superior, with convenient transportation and communication.

The company was founded in 1967, formerly known as Wuxi power transformer factory. It was reorganized into Wuxi Suyuan Transformer Co., Ltd. and renamed Wuxi Power Transformer Co., Ltd. in May 2005. The company was acquired by Beijing Shuangjie Electric Co., Ltd. in May 2016 and became a subsidiary of Shuangjie electric. It is a professional manufacturer designated by the Ministry of electric power to produce low loss power transformers. In 2014, it was rated as a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province.

The company covers an area of 45000m2; The existing building area is 25000m2 and the total assets are 450 million yuan. It has five main production workshops and a high-voltage laboratory, including core manufacturing, coil manufacturing, insulation manufacturing, machining and transformer assembly. And set up a full-time organization for product development, process, equipment management and quality supervision and inspection. The annual production capacity can reach 10 million KVA.

The company has more than 200 employees, and professional technicians above junior college account for 30% of the total number of employees. Relying on Shenyang Transformer Research Institute, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xigao Institute and other scientific research institutes, the company carries out production, learning and research activities, and constantly develops new products to meet the needs of the market. The rectifier transformer (polysilicon production) developed by the company in the metallurgical industry has been highly praised by users.

The company has more than 280 sets of production equipment; The main equipment is 100t / 10 double beam crane; Vpd-260 kerosene vapor phase drying equipment (2 sets); Vrc-3000 epoxy vacuum pouring equipment; M854 winding equipment; Brj-1000 foil coil winding machine; Hjx600-c automatic cross cutting of iron core; Ht-400 iron core cross cutting line, with complete transformer detection equipment and means. The factory test and type test items of various transformers can be completed according to the needs of users. The main test equipment includes 900kv impulse voltage generator, dtd-9200 partial discharge detector, gc-900-sd transformer oil gas chromatograph, ydtw-150 / 150 test transformer and tfa-1000 / 0.5 induction voltage regulator; 3200kVA synchronous generator set; 250kVA frequency doubling generator; There are also various electric bridges, mutual inductors, data processors, electro-optic analytical balances and other instruments and instruments.

The company mainly produces six categories of products. The first type is oil immersed power transformer with voltage level of 10-110kv; The second type is dry-type transformer with voltage level of 10-35kV. The third type is oil immersed coil core distribution transformer with voltage level of 10-35kV. The fourth type is oil immersed combined transformer (American box transformer), and the voltage level is 10kV. The fifth type is intensive combined substation (European box type substation), with voltage level of 10-35kV. In addition, it also produces various special transformers such as rectifier, mining, electric arc furnace, resistance furnace, salt bath furnace and reduction furnace transformer dedicated to polycrystalline silicon production line, as well as small and medium-sized power transformers with ultra-low no-load loss of amorphous alloy core. Sfz9-40000 / 110 passed the sudden short circuit test in 1998. The 10kV ~ 110kV oil immersed transformers have passed the appraisal of the Ministry of machinery and the Ministry of electric power.

The transformers produced by the company have low noise, low loss, reasonable structure and superior performance. Their performance and other indicators have reached the domestic advanced level. At present, they are widely used in urban and rural power grids, petrochemical, metallurgical and industrial and mining enterprises. The sales and service network is spread in nearly 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, and has opened the international market and sold abroad. Its quality and service have been affirmed and praised by customers.

Looking forward to the future, the company will wholeheartedly provide users with the best products and services based on the quality policy of "honesty, high-quality production, service first and pursuing the maximum satisfaction of users".

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